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Our History

Cantina della Volta is the result of one hundred years of experience of the Bellei family, winemakers from Bomporto di Modena since 1920, of which the oenologist Christian is from the fourth generation.

Despite the winery being in the heart of Lambrusco di Sorbara territory, Christian and his father Giuseppe have always nurtured a great passion for sparkling wines of the finest quality. After making numerous visits to Epernay, the capital of Champagne, to study the winemaking processes with the Traditional Method, they then applied it to the grapes in their own winery in Bomporto. This great passion for the Traditional Method led Christian Bellei to found the Cantina della Volta in 2010.

The company is based in the original building of the Cantina Bellei, built by Christian’s great-grandfather on the banks of the Naviglio di Bomporto canal, near the 18th-century dock, where boats would perform la volta (‘the turnaround’) before setting sail once more to return back to the city of Modena. It is to this place, steeped in meaning and history, that we owe the symbol of the riverboat and the company name of the Cantina della Volta.

Our Technology

Today, Cantina della Volta is a fascinating place,

where traditions – those handed down through three generations of the Bellei family before Christian – and a vast assortment of avant-garde technology – used specifically for modern wine production using the Traditional Method – may be found side by side in harmony.

In particular, a number of key items of oenological technology may be found: a Bucher Vaslin press which guarantees a measured and controllable pressing of the grapes; temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks; an air conditioning system which allows a constant and ideal temperature to be maintained; a disgorging line and consequent addition of dosage liqueur using the very latest techniques.


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